Amplified Version
Amplified Version - 1975
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1975 Lineup:
Michael Beaman - guitar
Billy Morgette - bass
Darryl Carter - keyboard
Fred Llapitan - drums
Shirley [Monroe] Marsal, Carol Morgan, Paul Morgan, Marty Powell

This early Jesus movement band is remembered for its album Whatcha Gonna Do? which revealed their indebtedness to producer Gary S.Paxton.  Their sound was distinctive in its use of brass (seven horns), recalling such early-70s outfits as Chicago or Blood, Sweat, and Tears.  Two Paxton songs received a lot of attention:   "Jesus Is My Lawyer in Heaven" and "Jesus Keeps Takin' Me Higher and Higher." These and the title song constitute the album's high-energy numbers.  Another Paxton song, "The Gadget Man," is noteworthy for its complex and original structure. (keyboard), Bruce Hibbard (vocals,guitar), Jorge Marsal (percussion), and Shirley [Monroe] Marsal (vocals) were also members of the group at some point.

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music by Mark Allan Powell
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One In The Son - New World 1973
One In The Son
1973 New World Recordings (NW1002)

  1. I Believe In Music
  2. Country Church
  3. Just One Look
  4. Is It Any Wonder
  5. One In The Son
  6. Gospel Ship
  7. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
  8. I Believe
  9. Sweet America
10. Spread A Little Love

Fred Llapitan - drums
Marty Powell
Sondra Dixon
Char Cummings
Carol Morgan
Paul Morgan

Engineer: Lyle Thompson / Producer-Conductor: Bud Tutmarc
Arrangers: Bud Tutmarc and Duane Funderburk

He's My Brother - New Life 1974

He's My Brother
1974 New Life Records (NL-7202)

  1. Needing You (Carol King)
  2. I Don't Know Why (Crouch)
  3. United We Stand (Bride-Simon)
  4. So Much Higher (Hammer)
  5. Put Your Hand (McClellan Beechwood)
  6. Teach Your Children (Nash/Living Room)
  7. Come Along - Heaven (Otis/Crouch)
  8. It Won't Be Long (Crouch)
  9. Get Together (Ray Stevens)
10. Cross Made The Difference (Bennard/Robbins Music)
11. He Ain't Heavy (Neil Diamond)

Fred Llapitan - drums
Gary Lideen - guitar
Bill Donovan - bass
Priss Hammer
Carol Morgan
Karen Martin
Paul Morgan
Mike Morgan

Arrangements - Rick Hammer
Engineer - Jim Dahlem / Producer - Don Ziegler
Recorded at New Life Studios, Spokane, Washington

So Free - New World 1974

So Free
1974 New World Recordings (NW1005)

  1. Space Captain (M. Moore)
  2. Here is Love (Perkins)
  3. So Free (Carol Morgan)
  4. Something (Carol Morgan)
  5. I Can See Clearly Now (J. Nash)
  6. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (S.Wonder)
  7. We Are One (Hammer/C.Morgan)
  8. Never Said A Word (Craft)
  9. Something About That Name (Gaither)
10. Why Me Lord (Kristofferson)

Fred Llapitan - drums
Billy Morgette - bass
Carol Morgan - electric piano
Darryl Carter - organ
Paul Morgan
Carol Morgan
Marty Powell
Darryl Carter
Shirley [Monroe] Marsal

Engineered by Bobby Cotton / Arrangements by Carol Morgan
Recorded at Cam Records, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Whatcha Gonna Do? - New Pax 1975

Whatcha Gonna Do?
1975 New Pax (NP-33004)

  1. Jesus Is My Lawyer In Heaven (Paxton)
  2. What 'Cha Gonna Do
      (When You Ain't A Kid No More)
  3. I Just Came To Praise The Lord (Wayne Romero)
  4. Jesus Keeps Takin' Me Higher and Higher (Paxton)
  5. He Was There All The Time (Paxton)
  6. The Gadget Man (Paxton/Keister/Keister)
  7. Life In The Son (Paxton)
  8. Victim Of The System (Paxton)
  9. Let There Be Music (L.Hoppen/J.Hall)
10. Jesus Can (Carol Morgan)

Michael Beaman - guitar
Billy Morgette - bass
Darryl Carter - keyboard
Fred Llapitan - drums
Shirley [Monroe] Marsal
Carol Morgan
Paul Morgan
Marty Powell

Produced by Gary S. Paxton, Joe Moscheo and Bob MacKenzie
Engineers: Ron Reynolds, Tom Semmes, Warren Peterson, Lee Hazen
Remix engineers: Warren Peterson, Tom Semmes, Gary S. Paxton
Recorded at Sound Stage, Columbia "A", Starday and Pete Drake's, all in Nashville

Alive - Chrism 1979

1979 Tempo Records/Chrism (R-7809)

  1. Peace (C.Morgan/B.Hibbard)
  2. Funky Feelin' (C.Morgan/J.Marsal)
  3. Just Your Love (Carol Morgan)
  4. Everybody Needs A Savior (Rohn Bailey)
  5. Take All Your Cares To Jesus (Rohn Bailey)
  6. Ever In Praise (Rohn Bailey)
  7. Caught Up (C.Morgan/J.Marsal)
  8. I Wonder If God Cries (Gary S. Paxton)
  9. You Make Me Feel So Alive (M.Powell/M.Beaman)

Jorge F. Marsal - percussion, congas
Michael Beaman - guitar
Fred Llapitan - drums
Rohn Bailey - keyboards
Billy Morgette - bass
Carol Morgan
Paul Morgan
Shirley [Monroe] Marsal
Marty Powell

Engineered by Frank Kejmar / Arranged by Jorge F. Marsal and Dave Williamson
Produced by Jesse Peterson, Frank Kejmar and Dave Williamson
Recorded at Whitney Studios, Glendale, California